Why does my boiler need a service?

Your gas boiler is responsible for providing you with heating and hot water and is an essential part of your home.

Regular boiler services help keep your boiler running smoothly, avoid problems before they escalate into costly repairs, and ensure that your boiler is running efficiently – potentially saving you a lot of money on heating bills over time.

As well as reducing the risk of your boiler breaking down, regular boiler services may also prolong the life of your boiler and save you having to upgrade to a new boiler quite as soon.

More importantly, a regular service can protect you and your family from poisonous carbon monoxide leaks which – being colourless and odourless – can be difficult to detect and are potentially deadly.

How often does my boiler need servicing?

It’s usually recommended that you have your boiler serviced once each year, in fact many modern boiler manufacturers actually require their customers to have a service every year in order to uphold their warranty.

Although some people may think an annual service is just something heating engineers say to drum up more business, it’s actually an important way to save you money, prevent accidents and ensure your home is warm and well-supplied with hot water.

How much is a boiler service?

You can order a one-off service at any time for £80 including VAT.

All our boiler services are carried out by an approved Gas Safe registered engineer

(Gas Safe is the UK’s official organisation to prevent unsafe gas work being carried out by unqualified engineers. It has been operating since 20019 when it replaced the previous Corgi Registered system).

We’ll be happy to provide you with advice and tips on how you can use your boiler more efficiently. We’ll also let you know if there is anything that needs attending to quickly to avoid the need for a boiler repair.

What’s included in a boiler service?

When we service your boiler, we work through the following steps:

> Check that your boiler and boiler controls work properly

> Remove the boiler casing and inspect the main components

> Ensure that there are no corroded or leaking parts

> Check the gas pressure is within the guidelines set out for the model by the boiler manufacturer

> Check the flue for unsafe fume emissions

> Test the boiler components and clean them where necessary

> Replace the boiler casing and check all seals are intact and safe

> Provide you with a checklist regarding boiler safety

Why Choose Us for Your Boiler Service?

> Unlike general plumbing companies, we specialise in gas boiler and central heating systems

> All our engineers are Gas Safe registered (formerly known as Corgi-Registered)

> We work on all types of heating systems from residential single home systems to large-scale commercial and industrial gas burners

> We’ve been serving customers across the Stoke on Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme and Staffordshire areas since we set up our business in 2004 (after 20 years’ experience as a professional heating engineer working for the UK’s largest gas and home services company.)